June 13, 2018

10 Must Have Items for Your Alberta Motorhome

Are you gearing up for another fun RVing season and need a checklist to help you get organized? Or maybe you’re a first-time RVer and you’re not sure what to bring. In either case, we’ve got a handy list of the ten items you should have in your motorhome at all times so you don’t miss a minute of your next big adventure.

  1. A reliable generator. This is one of the first things you should pack. Your generator helps power the electrical components inside your RV like your TV, microwave and air conditioner.
  2. Gas can. Bring a gas can with you so you can always get gas to fill your generator.
  3. You’ll need a dump hose, a black water hose, and a clean hose for bringing clean water into your RV. Just be sure that they’re all different so you don’t mix them up!
  4. Water tank filler valve. This small valve fits the end of your fresh water hose and is designed to save you time when filling the tank.
  5. Leveling blocks. Make sure your cupboards and fridge door open properly by leveling your RV. Use a small bubble level to help you determine where to place your leveling blocks.
  6. Tools. Bring a toolkit with you just in case. You may need a hatchet for cutting wood and a drill for tightening screws. An adjustable wrench and some spare nuts, bolts and screws are also good to keep on hand.
  7. Toilet Chemical. Toilet packs for RVs can help prevent the tank from getting clogged and can also keep bad odours at bay.
  8. Mini-vacuum. A mini-vac can be a lifesaver if you’re parked anywhere near a sandy beach. It’s perfect for picking up sand from all the carpeted and upholstered areas in your RV.
  9. Air compressor. When you’re driving a motorhome, it’s important to keep your tires properly inflated at all times. Having a compact portable air compressor with you will make it easier to keep your tires at the right pressure.
  10. Insurance. This is one thing you definitely don’t want to leave home without! Many home insurance policies will allow you to include your RV in your home insurance, but it might be worth it to invest in a stand-alone RV Insurance policy to make sure you’re fully protected.

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