December 8, 2017

3 Best Practices to Avoid a Motorhome Plumbing Disaster

Person filling up water holding tank in motorhomeThe plumbing inside motorhomes works a little differently than the plumbing inside houses. If you live in Calgary, Edmonton or any other city in Alberta, you probably enjoy a constant source of water that allows you to wash, launder and flush at will. But motorhomes don’t have a steady water supply and acting as if they do can land you in hot water. Something to always be aware of is that you don’t accidentally hook up to the fresh water supply, often labeled ‘city water hookup’ to your black water holding tank. These connections look identical so it is an easy mistake to make so make sure you’re taking caution when hooking up your RV or Motorhome! Keep reading for three additional best practices for avoiding plumbing problems in your motorhome.

Perform Pre-Trip Maintenance

The plumbing system in most motorhomes consists of self-contained holding tanks, dump valves, sinks, showers and a toilet. Before you take your Calgary motorhome out on the open road, have it inspected and perform any necessary maintenance to ensure that your plumbing system is in good condition and ready for travel across Alberta and beyond.

Inspect Your RV Holding Tanks Often

Because your motorhome is designed to be mobile, it doesn’t have a constant connection to the city’s water and waste management system. Instead, a series of holding tanks hold your fresh water supply, and collect your grey and black water until you can dispose of it safely.

Before you head out on a trip, check all tanks, tubing, connections and seal valves for signs of damage. The rubber seal valves on your black and grey water holding tanks need to be changed every few years but are often overlooked until they’re completely worn out.  Continue to monitor the condition of your tanks throughout your trip so you can catch problems before they start.

Understand How Your Toilet Works

Unlike the toilets in your house that retain water all the time, the toilet in your motorhome uses a trap door flush to dispose of waste. The trap door can become blocked over time, which will result in odours escaping from the holding tank. Solve this problem by using a small wire brush to remove the source of the blockage.

On Your Camping Adventures, Be Sure Everyone Is Taught

A lot of RV plumbing problems are toilet-related. It’s important to make sure everyone staying inside your motorhome understands that you have a limited water supply and a limited amount of space in the holding tank. If too much water is used when washing or flushing, your black water holding tank will fill up much faster than you want it to.

For More Than Your Motorhomes Plumbing, Call Happy Trails RV

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