July 7, 2017

4 Tips to Maneuver Your RV like a Pro

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of freedom you get when you hit the open road in an RV from a dealer in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

But that dream journey can unravel pretty quickly if you don’t know how to maneuver your RV properly.

4 Important Tips To Remember While Driving Your RV

Follow these four basic tips and you shouldn’t have any trouble:White Class C RV parked near large body of water

  1. Take a deep breath! Probably the single most important thing you can do when maneuvering your RV is stay relaxed. If you are panicking, in a rush or stressed, you are far more likely to misjudge an obstacle or forget a key element while maneuvering.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Before heading out on the open road, pick up a half-dozen safety cones and head over to the nearest shopping mall parking lot early in the morning while it’s still empty. Set up simulated parking scenarios with the cones and practice backing and maneuvering. Will you be towing a trailer or vehicle? Practice! Make sure you’re comfortable turning and backing.
  3. Know your RV. Read your owner’s manual cover to cover. And read it again. Know the exact height, width and length of your RV. This is a great first step to make you feel at ease maneuvering around tight city streets and even tighter campground sites, and avoiding collisions with overhead obstacles. Know how to adjust your mirrors, sitting position and steering wheel to ensure you are comfortable and have an optimal view of everything going on around your RV.
  4. Driving. Most of the time, you will be on the open road with your RV where it handles smoothly and predictably. Just remember to give yourself plenty of room when turning, especially if you’re towing a trailer or secondary vehicle, and pay particular attention to your blind spots. If you are towing a trailer or vehicle, make sure you are perfectly comfortable slowing and backing with it. When maneuvering in tight spaces, use a spotter.

Happy Trails RV Can Help You Learn to Maneuver Your RV

Do you have questions about maneuvering an RV? Contact us at Happy Trails RV! At Happy Trails RV , we want to be your go-to Alberta RV sales team.

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