Practical Class C Motorhomes in Alberta

Do you enjoy the open road and taking your family on outdoor adventures? Relying on hotels for a place to bunker down during your travels can get pricy. But motels and hostels don’t provide the comfort and privacy you’re looking for. If you are purchasing a motorized RV for the first time, you should consider class C motorhomes. Alberta vacationers can enjoy the comforts of home no matter which city you visit. If you’re interested in these practical motorhomes, Happy Trails RV offers new and used class C motorhomes at our Alberta location.

Class C motorhomes have a front end that is similar looking to the cab of a truck. These motorhomes often include an overhead bed area or additional storage space located above the cabs. Happy Trails RV has several different class C motorhomes available for Alberta travellers including Jayco models like the Redhawk, Seneca, and Greyhawk.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Class C Motorhome

Not sure if a class C motorhome is right for your needs? Maybe you’re worried about driving such a large vehicle? Or maybe you aren’t sure if the size is right for your travelling needs? Happy Trails RV has a few questions you can ask yourself before purchasing a class C motorhome:

  • Do you require a lot of space when you travel?

The class C motorhome is a standard size RV offering unique spaces for storage. For example, class C motorhomes in Alberta that come with the extra bed space above the cab can be converted to an additional storage area.

  • How confident are you in maneuvering larger vehicles?

For many travellers new to RVs, a class C may be the better choice given that the cab looks and drives similar to a truck. This can be less intimidating than larger motorhomes that come with a wider cab that has a more panoramic windshield and sits higher up.

  • Is gas mileage a concern?

Class C motorhomes get somewhere between 7 to 15 MPG. This will also depend on the size of your motorhome, whether or not you’re towing a vehicle behind it, and the weight of the load you’re carrying. The way the wind blows can also factor into the MPG.

  • What kind of travel will you be doing in your RV?

Given that class C motorhomes can be as small as 24 to 25 feet, you will find that they handle easier in cities compared with longer RVs. You can even pull it into most parking spaces in cities.

Certified RV Mechanics – Let Us Keep Your Motorhome Running

At Happy Trails RV, we are committed to your complete satisfaction when it comes to purchasing class C motorhomes. Alberta RV owners can visit our location in Grande Prairie for regular RV maintenance and repairs. We have certified RV mechanics available to work on everything from sidewall repair and structural work to hitch installations and solar power upgrades. Happy Trails RV knows that keeping an RV up and running takes a lot of hard work. When you’re out on the road far from home, you want to make sure your RV is dependable. Turn to our certified, professional mechanics to ensure your RV is safe and ready for travel.

A Comfy Place to Sleep No Matter Where You Travel

If you like to travel to different cities and hoping to enjoy the comforts of home while out on the road, invest in a class C motorhome from Happy Trails RV. Check out our inventory and visit us in Grande Prairie.