November 20, 2017

Do you Need to Wear a Seatbelt in a Motorhome?

Woman driving motorhome wearing seatbeltWhether you’re going on a short trip to visit family or a longer adventure to see new parts of the world, motorhomes are a stylish and comfortable way of travelling in Alberta and beyond. Even if you’re just going from Calgary to Edmonton, an RV (recreational vehicle) can give you the comfort and convenience you’ve come to expect when travelling. Being in a mobile home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to think like a driver sometimes, particularly when it comes to passenger safety. Here are three points to keep in mind when it comes to seatbelt safety in your motorhome.

1. It’s the law

Wearing a seatbelt isn’t just a good idea; it’s the law. Although most seatbelt laws in Canada are provincial, there are some common features they all share. Everyone in a motor vehicle, both drivers and passengers, must wear a seatbelt when on Canadian highways. Seatbelt laws are, however, different for small children who require special safety seats depending on their age and size. Plan your trip carefully and research seatbelt laws in the provinces (or countries) you’re hoping to visit to find out about laws specific to those areas.

2. Safety first

According to the Canadian government, wearing a seatbelt can reduce the chance of fatality in collisions by 47% and the chance of serious injury by 57%. Although airbags can help bring the chance of tragedy down even further, they are not a replacement for seatbelts. If you or your passengers are not wearing a seatbelt, this can be a reason for the authorities to pull you over and even issue a fine that varies from province to province and on the specific case.

3. Don’t get it twisted

Modern seatbelts work through a three-point system. The straps around your waist and chest not only restrain you in your seat in the event of a quick deceleration, but they also help spread out the impact, making it less damaging. Be sure that you wear your seatbelt correctly. Even wearing a seatbelt that is twisted can change how the force of a deceleration is spread out, making it more likely that an injury will occur. Seatbelt laws are in place to keep you safe on the road.

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