February 26, 2018

Essential Items That Will Ensure Camper Life Runs Smoothly

Essential items that will ensure camper life runs smoothlyFishing on Camping Trip

When the spirit takes you and you want to get out on the road in your motorhome, you don’t want to wait around to check every detail. That’s why motorhomes should always have certain essential items in them. Not only will this help you get moving quicker, it will keep you safe and happy even if you forget a few things while packing.

At Happy Trails RV, we’d like to recommend a few essential items that motorhomes should always have in stock:

First-aid kit

These are an absolute essential for all motorhomes. If you’re stuck far from civilization and something goes wrong, you want everything you need to stabilize someone who has been hurt or gotten sick until you can get professional medical care. At the very least, kits should contain bandages, antiseptic creams, sterile wipes, a blanket, pain medication, sun screen, and a pair of scissors. Epi pens for allergic reactions are also a good idea. If you or a member of your family has a special condition that might need unusual medicines, be sure to have some of it stored in your kit.

Fire starter kit

If you know your way around a campsite, you probably have your own fire-starting method that works for you. Be sure to keep what you need in a waterproof bag in your motorhome at all times. If you’re a little less experienced, you might want to do some research to find out what you need to start a fire. Typically, you should always have a hatchet for cutting wood, some kind of kindling, and a source of fire. Popular kindling materials include newspaper or cotton balls, while many people use lighters, matches, or ferro rods to get a spark.

Kitchen essentials

It might surprise some of you how little you actually need to prepare an excellent meal. With a fire and a twelve-inch cast-iron pan or a cast-iron dutch oven, you can prepare almost anything. Beyond that, all motorhomes should have a knife, a fork and a supply of salt and pepper. With those few instruments, you’re ready to cook.

Camping essentials

What you’ll need to safely camp depends on what kind of camping you do, of course. It’s probably a good bet, however, that at some point you’ll need rope, a tarp, at least one lantern or flashlight, a sleeping bag and a change of clothes.

At Happy Trails RV we want our customers to get the most out of their motorhomes. That means always being safe and having the equipment you need to safely enjoy your trip. Contact us today if you need any help looking for an RV or equipping it for the road.