February 13, 2017

Experience The Best of Winter in Your RV

How to Experience the Best of Winter in Your RV

Nothing compares to the serene beauty of an untouched landscape blanketed by snow.

Couple looking at snowy mountain with RV

Edmonton RV dealers and RV sales professionals in Calgary, Red Deer and the rest of the province know that the serenity of nature is just one of the reasons their customers like to plan RV trips during winter. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of winter RVing and how you can experience winter’s best in your RV.

Why winter?

A winter camping trip gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy all your favourite winter activities like cross country skiing, skating, ice fishing, dog sledding and more. But there are other benefits to heading out in winter too. For example:

  • It’s less crowded
  • There are no bugs, pests or bears
  • You can access unique locations when the ground is frozen
  • Winter provides unobstructed views, expansive night skies and an amazing natural soundscape
  • Less people means more wildlife sightings

Being prepared

Preparation is the key to a successful winter RV trip. Make sure your unit is up for the cold weather challenge by having your RV serviced and checking the following carefully:

  • Fridge and ice maker—Add insulation to prevent the refrigerant and the water line that runs to the ice maker from freezing.
  • Furnace—Make sure your furnace is working before you go so you’ll have adequate heat. It’s also a good idea to pick up a few portable space heaters as back up.
  • Holding tank—Make sure all your holding tanks are empty before you head out and add some RV antifreeze for good measure.
  • Water pump and hoses–Add insulation to prevent the pump, pipes and hoses from freezing.
  • Windows and doors—Check the weather stripping, make sure you’re free from drafts and consider adding insulated curtains for extra protection.

What to bring

After you’ve prepared your RV for the big trip, you’ll want to stock up on winter weather items like:

  • A band radio
  • A block heater (for motorized units)
  • A generator
  • A hair dryer (in case you have to thaw out a frozen pipe)
  • Chains for your tires
  • Emergency cash
  • Extra food
  • Extra fuel and propane
  • Heavy duty sleeping bags
  • Warm blankets
  • Warm winter clothing including extra hats, scarves and gloves

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