May 8, 2015

Happy Trails RV—Part of the RV Care Dealer Network

Receive Outstanding Canada-Wide RV Service When You Buy Your RV Through Usrv-care-lrg

RV Care is a network of the top 60 independent RV dealers across Canada. Happy Trails RV has joined together with the RV Care community to ensure our customers receive outstanding service when traveling. Joining RV Care was a natural step in our commitment to helping you enjoy the RV lifestyle.

As a member of RV Care, anyone that purchases an RV from us can access service for their vehicle across Canada (58 locations across every province) and the US (more than 100 locations in 41 states).

If you buy your RV through us, you can rest assured that no matter where you go, you will receive consistent service through the RV Care Network. Membership in the network comes free with your purchase. If you encounter troubles while traveling, simply call the nearest RV Care dealer and present your RV Care card. They will handle your issue with the same top quality service they give their own customers.

What to Expect Through the RV Care Network

A dealer in the RV Care network will take care of service and repairs for you while you are on the road. Whether or not your RV is under warranty, you can count on reliable, personalized service. An RV Care dealer’s goal is to get you back on the road quickly and safely, making sure your RV experience is always memorable.

The RV Care network uses its collective buying power to negotiate the lowest repair rates. We will also arrange special services, including lodging and transportation for you while your RV is being repaired. An extensive roadside service network provides service to the most rigorous RV Care standards. You can learn more about the benefits of buying your motorhome from an RV Care dealership in this informational video.

For customers planning on traveling south of the border, RV Care has teamed up with the US-based Priority RV network for coast-to-coast protection in the US.

RVs, Trailers, Motorhomes, and More—Trust in the RV Care Network

Looking for Edmonton RV dealers or Calgary motorhome dealers? You can travel worry-free by taking advantage of our RV Care dealership status. We and our partner dealerships are committed to your satisfaction throughout the lifetime of your RV. Contact us today for more information and for any questions or concerns you have about service, repairs and maintenance for your RV.

An RV Care dealer is a friendly face in a far-away place.