November 16, 2015

How to Winterize Your RV

2015-209 - Happy Trails - draining mobile homes tanks for the wintersmallUnfortunately, RVs are only used seasonally by most motorhome owners. Winters in Canada put a serious damper on RV travels, especially with the excess snow and ice. Before storing your RV this winter, be sure to winterize it. By taking the steps to do so, your RV will be ready to go in spring 2016.

Tips for Winterizing Your RV This Winter

Most motorhomes in Alberta go through winterizing at the end of fall. Some owners, however, start parking their RVs before fall. When you are done with your RV for the season, winterize it by:

  • Finding a Good Storage Spot – Do not just store your RV out in the open. Instead, you need to protect it from the elements and temperatures. If you have an RV pad at home or enough space in the driveway, it could save you a good deal of money parking it at home. If not, there are professional storage facilities that will store it for you. If storing it outdoors, be sure to place a covering of some sort on the exterior.
  • Draining – There are a few items inside your RV that need to be drained. This includes your fresh water tank, gray and black holding tanks, and the water heater. Open all faucets (both hot and cold) after draining to remove all water from inside the lines as well. Then recap and close off all faucets.
  • Add Antifreeze – Bypass your RV’s water heater and use non-toxic antifreeze to fill the system. Also, pour a capful of antifreeze down each drain and flush a few cups down the toilet. You should flush toilets and run the faucets until antifreeze starts to appear. Turn off the water pump and release any pressure.
  • Remove Food – Any perishable foods should be removed as well as non-perishables. A closed up RV can go through extreme temperature fluctuations that are not suitable for canned goods too.
  • Clear It Out – You will want to remove linens and blankets for laundering, valuables, etc. Even with it stored on your property, an RV is a prime target for burglars.

Even Fraser Valley RV owners have their RV serviced at the end of the season before putting it away. This can help you catch any issues before storage and ensure your RV is ready to go come spring. Visit Happy Trails RV, Inc. for your service appointment. Coming from Calgary? Our RV sales staff can help you find a new or used RV today. Browse our inventory of new and used RVs online or call us with your questions at 877-538-2120.