May 18, 2017

Items to Bring on Your May Long Weekend Camping Getaway

Young man and woman unloading car full of camping gear.

Undoubtedly, your motorhome’s prepped and loaded with all that you need for the upcoming long weekend. But before you slip out of Edmonton or Calgary and into the Alberta wilderness, be sure your motorhome is equipped with these completely unnecessary but totally fun items.

Glow sticks

Glow sticks can actually be quite practical. They’re excellent for illuminating anything you want to keep track of (pets, kids, your beer) or simply don’t want to trip over in the dark. However, beyond these useful applications, glow sticks are also valuable as fun, pretty things. Use them for ambiance at your campsite or for nighttime games like glow in the dark ring toss, kickball or bowling. They can also be cut open and mixed with water in a mason jar to make fairy lanterns, added to clear nail polish for a luminescent manicure, or mixed with bubbles to make glow bubbles.

Water guns

Whether a weekend war or a brief but glorious battle, water gun fights are heaps of fun. But choose your weapons wisely, as not all water pistols are built the same. The better models will give you far better range and volume than a dollar store squirt-toy. Depending on the rules of engagement you might also want to bring balloons, buckets, and even an inflatable pool for quick reloading.


No camping trip is complete without a few campfire ditties. Liven up the traditional evening jamboree by bringing along musical instruments such as harmonicas, guitars, fiddles, ukuleles, hand drums, shakers and whatever else. For the less musically skilled, a wireless stereo and pre-programmed playlist can be just as fun.


There’s nothing quite like an afternoon siesta spent in a swinging hammock strung up between two trees. Pack up your hammock along with a pillow, a novel, and a wide-brimmed cap or sunhat. Other comfy lounging options suited for camping include recliners, cots, inflatable sofas, cushions and folding chairs.


Whether it’s a hand-powered or electric version doesn’t matter. The point is to be able to make all your favourite cocktails. There’s no reason margaritas, daiquiris, Bellinis and piña coladas shouldn’t be part of your weekend libations.  Don’t forget the stemware and maraschino cherries!

Game gear

Make your campsite the most fun in the park by setting up plenty of interactive games to enjoy. Badminton, horseshoes, and ladder ball are a few possibilities. Additionally, consider setting up a games tent with cards, board games, poker chips, dice, and pencils and paper for keeping score.

Are you ready?

If May long weekend will mark your motorhome’s first outing of the season, make sure to get it serviced beforehand. At Happy Trails RV Inc., we’re pleased to perform the required annual maintenance check to ensure your trip is a smooth and carefree event. Contact us to set up an appointment or visit us in Grande Prairie (just a few hours out of Edmonton, Alberta) to see our new and used RVs.