Superior Quality Motorhomes for Sale

Owning your very own motorhome is one of the best ways to affordably travel throughout Western Canada. Not only do motorhomes offer maximum comfort and convenience while you take in the country’s incredible scenery, they also let you skip areas with non-existent or not-so-great hotels. With the many options from Happy Trails RV, you could soon be calling your RV your “home away from home”.

Whether you are purchasing a motorhome to fulfill your dreams of travelling during retirement, or as a practical way to take the family to destinations far and away, Happy Trails RV has over 400 attractive (and attractively priced) motorhomes in stock — all of which are immediately available. You can choose from the best motorhomes for sale in Edmonton and drive your RV home today!


The Benefits of Owning Your Own RV

Motorized recreational vehicles, also called a motorhomes or “RVs”, are available in various “Classes”, such as Class A, Class B and Class C All have an independent engine so you don’t have to tow it behind your own vehicle. Because they operate independently, choosing a motorized RV has some distinct advantages:

  • You won’t wear out your regular commuting vehicle
  • Special hitches aren’t necessary
  • You can leave your car at home – or tow it behind you
  • More space than a camper van or trailer
  • More room means more comfort
  • Powerful engine and transmission
  • Reduced vehicle wear when traveling with heavy items

Motorhomes are a popular choice for families and couples across BC and Alberta. And with so many beautiful and scenic destinations to enjoy, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t buy one sooner.

Selling the Top-Rated Motorhomes in Alberta

Memorable getaways depend on best-in-Class motorhomes. Happy Trails RV in Grande Prairie has a huge assortment of new and used motorhomes — Alberta, BC, and Western Canadian holidays will never be the same!

While many RVs are similar in appearance — just like other automobiles — some manufacturers make trade-offs to pad their sales sheets. At Happy Trails RV in Grande Prairie, we choose our new and used RVs based on safety, value, and quality. We are proud to offer the most-trusted names in the world of RVs, including:

With so many different makes and models to choose from, the wide range of new and used motorhomes at Happy Trails RV in Alberta means that we always have something in stock for everyone. We also have a huge selection of parts and accessories to help you customize your motorhome to your specific needs. You can shop for accessories in store or even from the comfort of your own home with our online catalogue.



SenecaSeneca Angled
GreyhawkGreyhawk Angled





Service You Can Count On

When you come to Happy Trails RV in Grande Prairie you can always count on our massive selection, competitive prices and great customer service. Choose from great brands like Greyhawk, Redhawk, Seneca in our huge inventory of new and used motorhomes in Alberta. Our friendly and professional sales team are here to help you find a motorhome with all the features you want at a price you can afford.

Free Flight Service

Coming from out of town couldn’t be easier or more convenient with our free flight service. When you’re shopping for motorhomes in B.C. or Alberta, no matter where you’re coming from, the cost of your airfare for two is on us. You’ll be able to take advantage of our huge selection of competitively priced motorhomes and then drive home in style.

For the best selection of motorhomes in BC and Alberta, come to Happy Trails RV today!  Visit Happy Trails RV today for the very best in affordable family camping.