March 20, 2018

Spring is Here! Have You Done Your Annual Roof Inspection?

Motorhome InteriorAt Happy Trails RV Inc., we want our customers to enjoy their motorhomes as often and for as long as possible. That means doing periodic maintenance on your RV to prevent any problems your motorhome might have before they require costly repairs.

One area that will require your attention is the roof of your RV. Just like the roof of your regular home, your RV’s roof is essential for protecting every other component. If water gets into your RV, it can do thousands of dollars of damage fairly quickly. That’s why it’s best to repair motorhomes as soon as a problem has been identified. You should check your RV’s roof at least once a year but, ideally, you would do it even more frequently. To find evidence of roof problems will require you to check two different areas of your RV:

On the roof

The first step, of course, is to get out the ladder and get up on the roof. Be sure you wear the appropriate clothes because, if you haven’t cleaned up there in a while, you can be sure that you’re going to get a little dirty. Similarly, be sure that you don’t track any rocks or other sharp objects on your shoes up there. They might damage your roof as you walk on it.

When on the roof, your primary goal is to find any cracks or holes that may have occurred since the last time you checked. The most likely culprits will be seams in your roof where an AC unit or one of the several vents stick out. If the seal around these items has been chipped away, it’s a prime place where water can sneak into your RV.

Inside your motorhome

It’s also a good idea to check inside your home for any signs of water damage. If you see any discolouration in your walls, for instance, you may want to inspect your RV even more thoroughly. Be sure to also check in storage compartments. Water gets in where it can, which isn’t necessarily where you can obviously see it.

With the proper maintenance and care, an RV’s roof can last for many years. If you notice anything wrong with your motorhome’s roof, contact us at Happy Trails RV immediately. The longer your RV is damaged, the more likely it is that damage will get worse. We’re experts in all kinds of motorhomes, so we’ll be able to tell you the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your RV back on the road.