May 7, 2018

Steps to Setting Up Your Fold-Out Camper

Steps to setting up your fold-out camperPortrait of family of travelers looking at camera in summer

Not all campers are the complete, ready-made trailers we’re used to seeing on the road. Some people opt to go for a more compact folding camper instead. These fold-out campers are less expensive than the more traditional RV, but the trade-off is that they require a little more work once it comes time to set up camp. At Happy Trails RV, we take pride in the care and attention we give our customers. Let our team of trained RV professionals show you the easy steps required for setting up your folding camper.

Parking your camper

Before even thinking about the setup of your camper, make sure you back it up onto blocks to keep it level with the ground. Then, before unhitching from your tow vehicle, chalk the tires evenly. Use the jack on the front of your camper to level the trailer front to back, making sure it’s even. Lower the stabilizing jacks to ensure that your camper doesn’t move during your camping trip.

Roof setup

Unhook the latches located at each corner of the camper before trying to raise the roof. Then, use the crank handle and turn clockwise to begin raising the roof. Be sure that there’s nothing impeding the movement of your roof while doing this. You’ll know that the roof is fully cranked when the tension cable located on the outside of the vehicle is fully tightened. Then, pull out the bed-ends on each side of the camper. Use the safety supports to ensure they do not fall down.

Securing the tent

Before securing the tent, make sure the door is properly installed and locked into place. Once done, carefully secure the edges of the tent to the Velcro on both the inside and the outside of the camper. Pull the corner pocket of the tent over each corner of either bed-end, Velcro and install the tension cord beneath the camper.

Interior setup

Once the outside of your camper is set up safely and securely, it’s time to tackle the inside. Fold out all tables and seating areas that you wish to use over the course of your trip.


Be sure that you connect your water hose to the correct outlet on the side of your camper. Your camper is also equipped with a propane tank and electricity hook-up. Be sure to connect these when necessary.

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