July 8, 2015

Things You Can Leave Behind for Your RV Trip

Helping You Get the Most from Your Motorhome

There are those things that you must bring along for any RV vacation – the family, s’mores ingredients, and of course, the snacks; but there are also things that you should leave at home. Over-packing your RV not only means less gas mileage, but just clutters up the inside of your motorhome.

What Items Can You Leave Behind?

When you are packing up for your next RV trip, take a look at your packing list and see what you can easily do without. A few things you should leave out from that list include:

  • The “Just in Case” Items – While you should be prepared, most first-time RV owners go Food-pileoverboard with those just-in-case canned food items, snacks, and even clothes. Instead of packing your RV with food for the unknown, make the effort to plan out your meals so that you have enough food in the RV for the trip and not too much extra.
  • Pack Only the Necessary Tools – You do not need a tool inventory that rivals your local automotive shop. While you want stuff to repair your RV, realize that the more tools you pack, the less cargo room you will have.
  • Be Cautious on Water – Water is extremely heavy. Even a half tank can add hundreds of pounds to your RV. If you are planning to travel to places with easy and sufficient water supply, then only fill your tank with a small amount of water.
  • Firewood – While you may want a campfire, save the wood for when you reach your destination. Carrying bundles of firewood add unnecessary pounds.
  • Be Careful About Storage Enhancers – While a trailer or even roof-mounted storage rack are handy, be careful about the overall storage load. Remember that your RV can only handle so much weight and these storage enhancers tend to encourage over-packing.

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