July 27, 2015

Top RV Destinations in Canada

There is plenty to see on your next RV trip through Canada. Whether you are from here or coming from the neighboring United States, there is plenty of road to cover. From the woods to the lakes to everything in between, make the most out of your RV trip by checking out the hottest destinations in the country.

The Best Places to RV in Canada

Canada is one of the most diverse lands for road trips. So, pack up your motorhome and hit these top destinations that have been rated by some of the leading travel magazines.

  • Kluane Lake – In the heart of the Yukon, you will find lush valleys, mountains, forests and rivers. While you are here, make sure you stop at the Kluane National Park and Reserve, where you can see Mount Logan, the country’s highest peak.
  • Banff National Park – Located in Alberta, you can explore everything from the Sulphur Mountain to scuba diving in Lake Minnewanka to seeing the historic remains of Minnewanka Landing, a town that flooded over in 1941 when the hydro dam was constructed.
  • Gaspesie – Here you will find four national parks, high peaks and six wildlife sanctuaries all in the same area. The Gaspesie Peninsula was rated as one of the Best Trips for 2011 by National Geographic magazine.
  • Cabot Trail – In Nova Scotia, you will find the 300km route that goes around Cape Breton and offers gorgeous coastal scenes.
  • Twin Shores Camping Area – Located on the north shore, this is the perfect RV destination for those who want a beach vacation. While you are there, do not forget to go digging for clams or even take fiddling lessons from the locals.

RV and trailer owners from across Canada have plenty of places to stop along the way to these top destinations, and each is RV-friendly with plenty of places to park, hookup and stay a while.

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