Toy Haulers for Sale in Alberta


At Happy Trails RV, we carry everything from compact toy hauler travel trailers to spectacular fifth wheel toy haulers. At our Grande Prairie location, you can browse toy haulers from North America’s top brands.

Why leave your ATVs, motorcycles, or dirt bikes at home? With a toy hauler, you can bring them along on your next family outing. Featuring accommodations similar to a traditional fifth wheel RV, toy haulers also offer an easy to use ramp and reinforced decking systems.

If you have been researching toy hauler or fifth wheel options, we invite you to check out our toy haulers for sale in Alberta — visit Happy Trails RV in Grande Prairie, today! We have certified RV mechanics on staff and all RVs, fifth wheels, and toy haulers are priced competitively.

Why All ATV Enthusiasts Need a Toy Hauler

With a traditional trailer, use of your ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike, and other recreational considerations can be limited to the nearby areas. Toy haulers allow you to travel extensively to get more use and enjoyment out of your recreational toys! 

Some of the primary benefits of owning your own toy hauler include:

  • Flexible options — With a toy hauler, you can use your RV for more than just sleeping and travel. Toy haulers accommodate ATVs and can serve as flexible work and play areas.
  • More space — With the additional space, some floor plans can include lofts, half-bathrooms, as well as washer and dryer areas.
  • The convenience — With a toy hauler, you’ll never have to secure and tow your dirt bike, motorcycle, ATV, or other “toys” separately; simply tie them down in your toy hauler’s garage and be on your way!
  • Protection — Since your items are enclosed, they will be protected from the weather, dust, dirt, as well as flying rocks and debris during the drive.

We have certified RV mechanics on staff, so if you should ever run into an issue with your toy hauler, the problem can be quickly resolved and repaired. Plus, you’re always just a short phone call away from having your questions answered.

We take great pride in being the company that enables family, friends, and groups to enjoy the scenery and excitement of Western Canada. That’s why we highly recommend taking a looking at a toy hauler, even if purchasing an ATV or other toy is a long-term goal; for the space, convenience, and security, you simply can’t pass up the many benefits of owning your own toy hauler.

Happy Trails RV invites you to check out the many toy hauler and RV options we have in store for you in Grande Prairie. Our units are extremely durable and highly versatile. We stock roughly 400 Jayco and Starcraft models, including the Seismic Wave, Seismic, Octane ZX, Octane ZX Super Lite, and the AR-One Maxx. Don’t leave your “toys” behind — catch the spirit of adventure and visit Happy Trails RV in Grande Prairie, today!

Seismic Wave, Seismic, Octane ZX, Octane ZX Super Lite
Starcraft – AR-One Maxx

Octane ZXOctane ZX Angled
Octane ZX Super Lite
Octane ZX Super Lite

Seismic Wave



AR-One Maxx