November 2, 2017

Winterizing Your RV

Winterizing your RV – Tips from your RV experts in Alberta RV parked in front of a mountain view with snow on the ground.

With winter on its merry way, it’s important to prepare all your property for the first snowfall of the new season. As important as it is to winterize your house and car, winterizing your RV will keep it in great shape for when you decide to take it out again for the summer. Here at Happy Trails RV Inc., we have everything you need to prepare your RV for the cold months of Canadian Winter. Let us show you how to properly winterize your motorhomes for an Alberta winter.

Unlike other regular vehicles, RVs have water tanks and pipes that need to be addressed before leaving it out in the snow and cold for four long months of winter. Most motorhomes will have specific guidelines for you to consult in the owner’s manual when it comes to the winterization of your pipes. However, there are also a number of basic steps to take for any RV when it comes to winterizing your pipes:

  1. Turn off the water heater and drain all the pipes.
  2. To ensure that all water is properly drained, open all faucets so that no water is left in your pipes.
  3. When antifreeze is applied, ensure that all faucets are reached, including outside shower and water connections, go as far as pouring antifreeze into each drain individually filling the p-traps.
  4. Ice makers, dishwashers and washing machines will have to run a full cycle, and don’t forget to empty your water filter canister.

Store all extra batteries in a warm and dry environment. If you plan to continue using your RV throughout winter, periodically check the batteries that run your motorhome throughout the winter and charge whenever necessary.

It’s important to protect the exterior of your vehicle from the elements as well. A good coat of wax over the exterior of your vehicle will go a long way into protecting your RV from the ice and snow all winter long.

Mold and Mildew
Using a dehumidifier just a few times throughout the winter months will significantly reduce your chances of having mold and mildew build-up. Check on your RV often to ensure that your dehumidifier is doing the trick. Alternatively, you can use materials that absorb moisture to accomplish the same task.

Remember to remove all food from your RV. This is to prevent attracting animals to your motorhome. It’s also a good idea to lay out traps for any of these unwanted guests (bear in mind that these traps could also attract your pets, so prepare accordingly).

Don’t wait until the last minute; visit us todayGive us a call, with our wide selection of parts and services, we’ll make the winterization of your RV as easy as possible.